Beyond Braces and Healthy Smiles: The True Reasons We Do This


If you’re looking for an orthodontist or pediatric dentist, you certainly don’t have a shortage of options. A quick Google search and you’ll likely find dozens, if not hundreds, of good candidates.

However, is “good” really good enough for your child? We don’t think so.

So why choose Children & Teen Dental? What makes us truly different than other practices?

We could run off the “standard list” of features (you know, the ones you see all of the time—state-of-the-art office, convenient hours, a kid- friendly office, caring staff, et cetera), and while these things are certainly true about our practice, it still doesn’t hit the point of WHY.

Why should you entrust the most important people in the world (your kids) to us?


It’s about love…we genuinely love and care for kids.

It’s love. That four letter word that gets thrown around all too often (do you really “love” that outfit, or “love” your TV? Probably not.). Simply put, we genuinely love our patients. We’re extremely passionate about your child’s well-being and we care how your kids feel.

We know going to the dentist or the orthodontist isn’t on your list of favorite things to do, and your child may be resistant to going, as well. That’s okay. We understand. We get it because no matter what, everyone at our office is on your side—we’re all on the kid’s team.

While braces and other treatments may be what our office does, it isn’t who we are. Our office is about kids’ hearts, and it always will be.

It’s about trust…parents trust we are doing what’s right for their child


The pediatric dental and orthodontic fields are broken due to a lack of trust between patient and provider. The reason for this is quite simple—it has become big business. I’m sure you’ve seen the chain dental offices or the chain orthodontic offices around town. For some of them, it’s about profit, NOT people.

Your child, or any child for that matter, will not take a back seat at our practice due to profit. Sure, we’ve got to make money so every member of our team gets paid and can feed their families, but money will never be the core focus of anything we do in regards to treating any child.

We treat each and every child and parent with grace because at any given time, you simply do not know what difficulties another human being is going through. At our office, it isn’t about the treatment and it certainly isn’t about the doctor. The kid’s and parent’s voices matter. You have a say at Children & Teen Dental.

It’s about confidence…because every child needs more confidence in this world


One of our goals each and every day is to be a positive addition to your child’s life, not a subtraction. Even at a young age, peer groups can put unnecessary pressure on a child, making them experience feelings of “self doubt” and “not being good enough.”

We fight this worldly view with positive interaction. We want children and their parents to remember how we treated them 5, 10, or even 20 years after their last treatment. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy with each and every child, inspiring self-belief and an abundance of self-confidence in the process.

Our process for treating kids not only gives them the dental or orthodontic treatment they need for a healthier smile, but also boosts their self-esteem in the process, which is something you cannot put a price on.

So what now?

Maybe you were expecting us to highlight the technology we use, and how it’s superior to any other orthodontic or pediatric dental practice on the market, but that’s not why you should choose us.

While the Children and Teen Dental are some of the most experienced dental and orthodontic professionals you’ll find anywhere, and they utilize the latest advancements in technology and treatment, that’s not the heart of our practice. That’s not why your child will love coming here.

The real question is…what if?

What if your child loved coming to their pediatric dentist or orthodontist and didn’t fight you over it every time?
What if they received amazing care from a talented team of pediatric dentists and orthodontists?
What if they left our practice laughing instead of crying?
Most importantly, what if you and your child genuinely knew you were loved and cared for deeply by every person at our office?

Love. Trust. Confidence. Those are the differences you and your child will experience at Children & Teen Dental. If you like what you’ve read so far and think our office could be a great fit for your child, please give us a call today, or contact us hereto schedule your child’s new patient exam.

You’ll see the difference. We guarantee it.